Print Templates

The following flyer and invitation card designs are available to help promote your event. You will need to add text using your own design or word processing software.

For recommendations on fonts and colors to use when customizing these templates, see the style guide.


Flyers can be a great way to get the word out, whether you just need a few to display around your building, or enough for the entire city. The following designs are for 8.5 x 11 inch flyers. You can also create ready-to-print customized flyers on this site.

Flyers with Borders

These versions have blank borders around the page, making it easy to print yourself or send to a local quick-printer. They are available in various formats.

DOCX format files are provided as a simple method to create customized flyers using Microsoft Word or other compatible word processing programs. This option can work well if you want to print out your own flyers. Word is not a recommended format to use to send to a printing service.

Full Bleed Flyers with No Borders

These versions are designed for “full bleed” printing, where the artwork goes all the way to the edge of the page. They have a 0.125 inch bleed on all sides. You will most likely only use these versions if you are producing larger quantities at a professional printer.

Dark Full Bleed Flyer
“Dark” Full Bleed Flyer
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Light Full Bleed Flyer
“Light” Full Bleed Flyer
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Invitation Cards

Nothing’s better than a personal invitation. Use this invitation card to encourage people to invite their friends. These designs all includes a 0.125 inch bleed on all sides.

The images displayed below include sample event text. The downloadable images are blank, so you can add whatever text you need for your event.

Small Invitation Card

This version is the size of a standard business card, 2 x 3.5 inches, so it’s cheap and easy to have printed. they’re also small enough for people to carry around and share.

Large Invitation Card

Need something a little larger? This version is four by six inches. It is a standard postcard size supported by many printing companies.

In order to provide you maximum flexibility, the downloadable image for the back is just the background, and does not include the logo. That allows you to use that space to include more event details or use your own logo. logo images are available for download from this site if you wish to include it on the back of your invitation card.