Technical Rider

Brad’s programs are specifically designed to be easy to host. These guidelines are designed to ensure maximum impact at your event. Not all guidelines apply to every situation. Brad’s program is extremely flexible. If it will be difficult or impossible to meet the minimum recommendations, talk to us. Brad will most likely be able to customize his program to meet the limitations of your venue.


Brad’s show is very flexible, and can be tailored to most environments. The following represents the minimum requirements:



Brad will generally need a standard 110v outlet near the audio input used for the laptop. Even if the laptop is positioned somewhere offstage, such as at the sound board, Brad may require an outlet on or near the stage.



People will enjoy the program more if they are seated close to the stage and each other. The following seating arrangement is ideal:


Souvenir Sales

At events where it is appropriate, Brad generally sells souvenir items after the event. Please provide one six foot table located in the back of the room or the lobby area.

Event Workers

Though each event is unique, typically the following workers will be required:

Download Technical Rider

This information is also available for download as a PDF download as a PDF.